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Hi there! I'm a MPA graduate student and full-time writer with years of experience.

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How I Can Help You


  • BA in Political Science and History
  • MA in Public Administration and Policy ('19)
  • 1+ year of full-time reporting and editorial work
  • 2+ years of blogging
  • 6+ years of data analysis and research



As a writer and aspiring freelancer, I put my all into my work, whether that means sharing life struggles in a blog post or researching a paper.

My recent work includes magazine editorials, reporting content for newsletters, and research & white papers.  

Additional services I offer are blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing and proofreading, research and consulting services. Photography can be included with any piece for an additional cost.


Whether it is a singular piece or reoccurring work, contact me for writing that is tailored to your business, audicent, goals and ideas.

Rates will vary based on the length of the piece, time taken to create well-crafted content, and the duration of the project (i.e. regular blog posts). However, base rates start at $50. 


Whether you need a second pair of eyes on a final draft or more hands-on work with an unfinished piece, I can help fine-tune your project so it is ready for the world to see.

Rates start at $25 per hour. 

Research & Consulting

For more in-depth brain storming, guidance and/or project management, a detailed consultation is key in ensuring your project is handled with care. Contact me to set up a time to chat and to ensure the vibe is right!

Initial consultation is free.

Examples of Previous Work


Magazine Editorials

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American Shipper, Nov. 2017

" Bulking up"

dec mag portfolio.JPG

American Shipper, Dec. 2017

"Seeking to break the age-old cycle of container overbooking, no-shows"


Reporting and Newsletter Content

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I have 1+ year of daily reporting content published on American Shipper's "AS Daily" newsletter and sister-start-up Adam Smith Project, with several examples linked below.  

Additionally, click this link to see my full list of articles published for American Shipper.



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I currently maintain my own personal wellness blog (www.elizabethlandrum.com) with concurring social media pages below:

Instagram: @elizabeth_landrum

Pinterest: @elielandrum



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